Sunday, November 15, 2009

I know, I know, it’s been forever

We pretty much took the summer off. We did exactly what I thought we would do: lie around. The girls *did* do some activities. They did day camp for a few weeks, but it was pretty lame. O'Bryen did cheerleading and loved it. Gavriella played with her two best friends, and said goodbye to one when she moved back to the States. We didn’t go to the pool as often as we thought we would. Chris left the watch on July 1 and has been in charge of his own shop since. He’s been doing a lot of traveling–US, Germany, England–all multiple times. The girls are back in school and Siobhan has started preschool at an American preschool out in town. So Malcolm gets some alone Mommytime, which he likes. I started taking Italian lessons and it is going very, very slow.

We’re currently on vacation after being in Italy for a year. We’re in England for 12 days, staying at air force bases and driving through the countryside. It’s been an absolutely wonderful time. There is no garbage all over the place! They follow the traffic laws! The people stand in line instead of crowding the registers! Amazing! So far we’ve seen Cardiff, Wales, where they film Torchwood and Doctor Who, Cheddar, home to the Cheddar Man and cheddar cheese (and yes we have some), Stonehenge, and the Roald Dahl Museum. Tomorrow we’re making the Great Schlep to Hadrian’s wall and then the rest of the week will be in London.