Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ah spring…

Spring has arrived in Naples. Today was lovely! Lots of sun, even though rain was predicted. Tomorrow is supposed to be even better, woohoo! Chris had today off as well as tomorrow through Thursday. Today we went to Capodichino (which is where Chris works, about 20 minutes away) to pick up our mail. Yes, we have to drive 20 minutes to get the mail. Chris drove us to the top of the parking garage so we could see the view. I couldn’t believe how much we could see! Unfortunately it happened to be cloudy at that very moment, and I only had my phone, but I still got some neat pictures of Mt. Vesuvius. She is covered in clouds, so you don’t get to see her full height.

Here’s a better one. The cars below are on the Tangenziale, which is a toll-highway. You can also see the buildings better, which pretty much covers all you can see, even pretty far up the mountain. By the way, Vesuvius is still listed as an active volcano.

We could even see to the other side of the Bay of Naples. If it hadn’t been cloudy *at that very moment*, I could’ve gotten a lovely shot of it. Even though Naples is pretty filthy, I still feel very fortunate we are having this opportunity living here.