Monday, June 22, 2009

Stormy weather

It’s been a very rainy few days lately. The other day we had a storm that produced hail and trampled some of my flowers I have in pots. Then last night it poured and drowned half of them. THEN! two of my flower pots broke, one to smithereens. So that has made me pretty annoyed. My strawberries and tomatoes are doing fine though, thanks to them being on a table against a wall and away from the rain.

Speaking of tomatoes, I have never grown them before. So I bought some seeds and planted about half of them in one big pot, because surely not all of them will grow. Wellllll, they did, and I have about 30 plants growing in a pot built for one. So I put a notice up saying free tomatoes so people will take them off my hands. It’s either that or off to the compost with them.

It is really, really killing me that we don’t have a yard to plant, but I’m starting to learn the joys of container gardening. I plan on planting a lot more vegetables next year. When I was a little older than Siobhan, my mom planted a garden in the backyard that yielded nothing. Frustrated, she gave me some seeds (because clearly they were duds) and told me to go outside and play one day. So I went to the backyard and happily threw seeds left and right, having such a great time. I even remember spilling some on the stone steps. Much to my mother’s annoyance, the seeds grew and we had asparagus, onions, and I think peas growing all.over.the yard. For years! I’m trying to get the kids involved as much as I can. They get to pick and eat the strawberries when they ripen. But we have very little of those. What veggies are good to grow in the summer?