Sunday, June 14, 2009

Houston, we have walking

That’s right. Mr. Malcolm is (kindof) walking. He had been taking a step, then two, then three. Then today I watched him walk for nearly a full minute. Let’s see a count of hands for how unfair this is that Little Boy is growing up so fast! Yeah, that’s what I thought. I would like it noted that Malcolm is 13 months old, and his sister decided that 16 months was the proper age for walking.

I just stepped (slightly, not full on squishing mind you) on a slug for the second time this evening. And by this evening, I mean past 20 minutes. Buggers are quite slimy.

One of the joys of Italy is having a balcony. We have 2, and frankly I think every good apartment has 2, a larger one and a smaller one. Houses have several. I’m sitting on my front balcony enjoying a glass of wine and chips and salsa (because when one thinks of wine, one thinks of chips and salsa) and enjoying the cool evening. The temp inside with the AC is the same as outside right now, so I think I’ll turn the AC off.

The kids have finished school, finally this past Thursday. The will be going to camp this week here with the base recreation. O'Bryen also starts cheerleading camp this week. I think she’ll like it, but we’ll see.