Sunday, May 10, 2009

New kicks

Siobhan and O'Bryen needed sandals for the summer, so I ordered some from Target. But at Target, if you spend $50, you get free shipping, so I had to get some more things too (and it was all actually needed). So they came in and both girls loved their new sandals. Siobhan didn’t want to take them off when going to bed, and only relented when we let them be right on the floor beneath her bed. She then put them on immediately upon waking the next day. But anyway, I ordered her some shorts, that turns out didn’t fit. So they I went to the exchange the other day and got her some that happened to come with a belt. Boy does she love that belt! She tried threading it herself several times. She did look very cute in her new clothes. I bought some new clothes for myself since last year at this time I was postpartum and my clothes are thus too big. 3 pairs of capris and a blouse. Chris bought Gavriella a new pair of sneakers that she can just slide her foot into and not lace. She loves them. So all the girls got new stuff and the boys got bupkis.

The weather has gotten warmer, thankfully. Up until last week, it had been raining and in the 50s and 60s. We’ve been about 10ยบ warmer this week. Having lots of big windows and glass doors helps a lot since we can’t turn on the air conditioning yet. At night I close the shutters nearly all the way, but leave a window open so some cool air comes in. It works fine, but the stench from Veusvius comes in too. Now for those who don’t know, Vesuvius is constantly emitting sulfur fumes due to it being an active volcano. So at night, the stench of sulphur is pretty strong. But once day breaks, it gets burned off, so you don’t smell it anymore (OK, sometimes you do, but that’s when it’s cloudy and overcast, never when it’s sunny). It’s just a weird thing to have to get used to.