Monday, May 11, 2009


Well I got my hair cut today, finally! It had been probably close to a year I think. Maybe not that long, but still pretty long. Anyway, it was in Pinetamare, which is about 30 minutes away. The people who own the place are a family (father, mother, son) who lived in Rhode Island for many years before moving back to Italy. So their English is great and they understand you when you say “I don’t want bangs”. They have a lot of American clients, two of which are O'Bryen and Gavriella’s teachers. He put a lot of layers in, which is good, but was dangerously starting to look like a mullet. So I convinced him to cut it shorter in the back and it looks much better. And all for 25euro, which is fantastic.

Since it was out in town, I had to drive my big ol’ van. I’m getting much better with my Italian driving. But having the van does have its complications. Chris has dinged it up a bit at work trying to fit in the ridiculously small parking spaces. And I’ve had to drive on curbs to avoid hitting parked cars. But thankfully we have been expecting this, so it’s not as such a big deal as it would be in the States.