Sunday, April 5, 2009

A shameless plug, amongst other things

If you are a parent or will recently become a parent, check out my friend’s blog:
In other news, it was GLORIOUS today! I put Malcolm in the mei tai and we went for a walk. Then we came home and opened all the windows and doors to let the breeze in. It’s now after 10pm and we still have some windows open. The great thing about this part of Italy I have discovered is the temperature seems to be pretty constant. There is none of this “70s today, 40s tomorrow” crap you have in the US. It’s been in the 60s for 2 weeks.
We also got to talk to our friends at Friedel today! I love modern technology. We used Skype and talked to some teachers and classmates. It was so, so wonderful. Tomorrow we’ll try it again. The girls lament the fact we are no longer there (at Friedel). I feel sad about all the things they are missing, but such is the life we lead.